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Business / Corporate Law Attorney

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Business and Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers only have one client which is the corporation that has employed them. Smaller corporations can have one or two lawyers on staff while larger ones can have several lawyers who all have their areas of specialization within the corporation. Some corporations such as the communications and energy companies, manufacturing and biotechnology companies, oil firms, retail stores, hospitals, insurance companies, and banks, need the corporate lawyer’s full-time services.

Corporate lawyers are also commonly referred to as chief legal officers, general counsel, deputy general counsel, staff attorney or in-house counsel. The main goal of a corporate lawyer is to protect the corporation’s interests and not those of the owners or administrators. Apart from offering legal counsel, corporate lawyers also provide business counsel. They can also be engaged in other areas of law such as international commercial law, real estate, securities, employment, tax law bankruptcy, trademarks, and mergers and acquisitions.

Educational Requirements

A juris doctorate degree is necessary for one to practice corporate law. A majority of corporations prefer their corporate lawyers to be those with accreditation from the American Bar Association. To practice law in their states of employment, corporate lawyers must have a license of an attorney. Moreover, corporate lawyers must be admitted and approved to practice in every special court before they can be allowed to represent their clients in a federal court. For corporate lawyers, active education is common and such continued education as well as other training programs helps them strengthen and enhance their knowledge and skills on legal matters.

Job Description & Skills Required

The work of a corporate lawyer is very diverse and thus needs a good background in various areas. Experience and knowledge in corporate law, the industry of the corporation and also business in general are quite useful. Equally of great essence are interpersonal skills, management skills, negotiation, administrative skills and writing.

The work environment of a corporate lawyer is characterized by a quick pace. Part of a corporate lawyer’s timer is spent in meetings with administrators and members of boards in which they offer strategy as well as legal and business counsel. Other functions of a corporate lawyer include joint enterprise structuring with other corporations, supervising hired lawyers who come in to help the corporation with their specialized services in law, representing the organization before court trials and management boards, analyzing legal matters that pertain to products that have been proposed, formulating the handbooks of employees, administering workshops for training, counseling administrators on compliance and regulatory issues, new business relations review with sub-contractors and vendors, legal papers’ drafting, preparing and filing government reports, and negotiating the contracts of employees.

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