Doctor of Juridical Science

This is the most advanced degree of law in the U.S. For a fulltime student, this program can be accomplished in three years. In a majority of the cases, the applicants for this level are often professionals in the field of law and with years of experience behind them. Moreover, a Doctor of Juridical Science program is a qualification for its students to secure employment as professors of law in academic institutions.

Before commencing their applications, the student-to-be in this program that is research intensive should have known their research interests. The majority of the time of the student is spent completing and defending dissertations. Typically, the requirements of the course are completed in the first year of study, after a determination of the same by the student in collaboration with their tutors/ lecturers/ advisors/ mentors.

Much of the curriculum in this level entails research and writing of dissertations. A given number of units must be completed first, however, before the students can start on their projects. Classes are chosen based on the preference of the student, and can include migration law, family law, legal advocacy, business law, and legal research.

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