Estate Planning and Probate Paralegal

Job Description

The estate planning and probate paralegal have a variety of duties that must be performed on a daily basis but their works differs significantly. At one time, the paralegal may offer assistance in tax auditing while at another time the paralegal is required to emotionally comfort members of a family in a process of offering final wishes to one of the members. The probate paralegal usually encounters a variety of people in the line of duty in all walks of life as well as a diversity of situations. The probate paralegal is therefore comfortable when dealing with such a wide array of population especially in situations of pressure as well as tense moments.

One of the most important roles of law firms that employ paralegals is working in a close relationship with the clients in planning of estates. This field covers all the essential aspects that clients aspire for in estates including stocks and bonds, real estate as well as valuable personal items. The paralegal must therefore have the needed information concerning estate planning such as valuation and disposition of the assets.

Another yet critical role that law firms execute is addressing the issues of probate. In most cases, the clients have aspirations of trusting their estate matters on objective party. Upon the death of a client in such matters, the attorney assumes the role of the trustee in the estate. In different scenario, they execute the instructions as documented in the Last Will and Testament. In whatever the case, the paralegal must have sufficient experience in transacting the process in the court. The paralegal also performs the roles of handling documents that are required during appearances in the court, handling the probate taxes and trusts.

Skills needed to become an Estate Planning and Probate Paralegal

Majority of the potential employers require the most suitable candidate for this position to be equipped with sufficient skills and experience in probate matters as well as estate planning. The employers also request for a certificate or a degree in the field of paralegal. Some other employers will give an added advantage to candidates with computer skills and proficient in office software such as the proprietary software that is commonly unique in the legal industry.

The right candidate must also be sturdy in communication skills because most times in duty involve communication with clients, trustees, members of the family, tax auditors as well as other professionals including the attorney. The candidate must be strongly keen to the details because they are supposed to handle wills, tax forms, probate papers as well as financial documents, directives and contracts.

The right candidate in a paralegal career must exhibit qualities of self-motivation. Although the attorney takes all the responsibilities for their actions, they are supposed to perform their duties with minimum supervision. The candidate must also be good in ime management while working proactively and have the relevant awareness of the matters that require the attention of the attorney.

Education Requirements

There is no direct definition of the educational requisites for a paralegal as per the law. Due to the absence of a particular mandate, a student can decide the type of education to take so that to earn the position of a paralegal in the future. Majority of the students see the need for a formal education for the purpose of securing a job. In that situation, the student may seek for a certificate in paralegal. Other students prefer taking a full law degree program

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