How it works

Understanding the process of writing requires reading the crucial steps involved followed by a careful implementation of the steps in the course of writing. Similar information can be obtained through perusal of sample essays that are available in writing companies that offer the services of custom writing where a pool of ideas is provided.
Process Writing
during the process of writing, it is not only sufficient to compose sentences using a series of words. Qualification as a good writer requires adherence to distinctive steps that culminate to the production of a good piece of written document.

STEP ONE: The first step involves the choice of topic. The teacher takes the bigger role of assigning particular topics to the students in which their assignments are to be based. The teacher may also go further to give some key ideas on the topic. However, if this information is not provided, the writer has the responsibility to make the choice.
STEP TWO: Collection of ideas. On successful identification of the topic, the writer has to decide on what information shall form the content of the paper.
STEP THREE: Organization of ideas. The write goes ahead and makes decisions on the most relevant ideas to be used and where to use the ideas. The sequential flow of these ideas is also an important consideration in the organization stage of the writing process.
STEP FOUR: the fourth step involves active writing. The sequential flow of the essay from the beginning to the end is carefully written. All the notes collected in the previous stages and the organization already prepared finds their application in this step.
Reviewing and revising the paper
STEP FIVE: the fifth step of the writing process entails reviewing the content as well as the structure of the paper where the writer goes through all the contents so far written. The writer may read the content silently or may invite a friend and read loudly for the friend to assist in review. Identification of areas of improvement and content addition must be considered in the process of review. Likewise, any information found to be irrelevant is removed from the text. When working in groups, the content can be interchanged among the members of the group where every member assists one another in reviewing the paper. By this way, every writer is able to get the opinion of readers and ascertain the quality and effectiveness of his or her writing. Every writer must also embrace a culture of offering opinion concerning the writing potentials of other people which play a crucial role in enhancement of performance. This stage paves way to the sixth step that deals with conducting a revision of the content as well as the structure of the text prior to proofreading/
STEP SIX: The sixth step in the process of writing deals with revising the content and the structure of the paper. In this case, the writer applies the ideas gained in the fifth step in rewriting the text, considering enhancement of the content and the structure. Issues that were found to be unclear in the previous step can be elaborated further, with additional or removal of some details depending on the situation. The organization of the content may also change entirely so that the text is more logically organized. The fifth and the sixth steps are also referred to as editing. After proper editing, the writer can then proofread the paper which involves reading through the text again with particular attention to grammar and spelling. The writer must at this stage contemplate the choice of words. The final corrections are then made making sure that all identified errors has been corrected. At this point, the paper can be pronounced completed.
Steps five and six may be repeated several times.