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Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration Lawyer

Immigration has metamorphosed into a very thorny issue in the United States, especially following the tragedy of the September 11th. However, even in the aftermath of the attack, the US still annually allows about a million aliens’ legal permanent residency and further ranks highest among the nations of the world in terms of issuing visitors with visas. The granting of benefits to aliens and the overseeing of immigration laws in the United States is a function of the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration law is a very specialized field. In the field of practice, an immigration lawyer is set apart through a formidable comprehension of the law in general and a fluency and understanding of areas of employment, citizenship and immigration. Work as an immigration lawyer can be a great source of fulfillment sine one actually helps clients realize their dreams of attaining citizenship in the United States.

Educational Requirements

Juris doctor law degrees as well as a bachelor’s degree are mandatory for one to practice immigration law. When in law school, a student specializing in immigration law takes courses such as statutory analysis, interviewing, advising and citizenship. In order to be well placed in the face of competition, an applicant should have certain work experience and/ or experience as an intern. Upon completion of the law degree, one must pass the BAR examinations in their states of residency so that they can then practice law.

Job Description & Skills Required

Inside of courtrooms, immigration lawyers represent their individual or business clients while they can also be of service outside courtrooms by providing them with advice (legal). Most immigration lawyers rarely frequent courtroom, however. Immigration lawyers file for refugee statuses or political asylum, obtain green cards/ residency permits, help foreign enterprises establish themselves in the United States, assist in deportation issues, and those of employment based immigrant visas.

An immigration lawyer helps the client who is seeking a green card through the lengthy process (spanning even years). The lawyer makes certain the client files all immigration paperwork, completes the required due diligence and satisfies the stipulations of the Department of Labor. The lawyer hired by companies to help in acquiring for foreigners their visas for work helps complete the paperwork, counsels the organization concerning the laws of the U.S. Citizenship & immigration Services, and files petitions.

Mastery of other non-English languages is a plus for an immigration lawyer because most often they deal with who have little comprehension of the English language. Because the clients arrive from various world cultures, communication can be difficult and such calls for the immigration lawyer to be a good communicator and one with sound people skills. Good analytical and research skills are also critical because each case comes with a sea of information (documented or otherwise).

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