In the recent past, the issue of Gays has often arisen within society and based on recent actions in Assignment Help

In the recent past, the issue of Gays has often arisen within society and based on recent actions in courts it appears the issue is far from concluding. This position has come about because recent legal tussles have resulted in some rulings that appear to give additional strength to the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism. An example of such a ruling is the result of the case, Lawrence v. Texas in which the court banned all state anti-sodomy laws (Kinsley 1). This ruling appears to posit that gays and heterosexuals are entitled to similar rights by virtue of being recognized in the constitution as individuals first without consideration to sexual orientation (Sullivan 1). Given the above position, it becomes clear that litigation to allow gay marriages will become a reality sooner rather than later. With the position already held by courts concerning citizens rights regardless of sexual orientation, this tussle is bound to spawn into related legal battles (Kinsley 1). In an attempt to restore calm to the situation, it has been suggested that if the institution of marriage were to be abolished by government, the whole issue may lose importance and be resolved amicably. This solution is also quite difficult to endorse given that marriage serves a major role in litigation and defining roles between married individuals with regard to property, children, etc. Nevertheless one thing appears to remain clear, the future society is moving to one composed of legally recognized gay and heterosexual individuals, both having equal rights and privileges.

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