Litigation Paralegal Career

Job Description and Duties

The litigation paralegal works in conjunction with trial attorneys during which time they must perform several crucial tasks in the process of litigation. They form an essential segment in the legal team that facilitates effective execution of all the critical trial phases from the start to the end.

Litigation paralegals are at times obligated to execute routine duties in the office which include production of photocopies as well as scanning of important documents which are then made readily available to facilitate court filings. They also play the role of maintenance of the litigation files, conducting reviews as well as making ready of the materials that are needed for storage or for disposal as the case comes to termination.

Aside from the routine duties in the office, the litigation paralegal can also be requested to avail and offer assistance in the disposition and preparation of the witnesses as well as conducting some research. The litigation paralegal commonly makes the preparations and presentation of the exhibits. The litigation paralegal is also required to to be present at the time of the trial to assist the attorney, in the course of the proceedings in the court. On successful termination of the case, the litigation paralegal is responsible for closing all the documents that were used during the case.

Skills need to be a Litigation Paralegal

A successful litigation paralegal in duty execution is supposed to be equipped with distinctive skills that are highly demanded by the profession. A major daily role of the litigation paralegal involves handling of crucial documents. The workload involved in preparation of the documents as well as their maintenance is usually substantial and therefore the litigation paralegal must have a high degree of organization and composure. At the time of the trial, the attorney highly depends on the litigation paralegal to access the documents that must be stored in a manner that is orderly so that they can be availed or retrieved with ease.

The litigation paralegal must also have exceptional skills in communication. The role of the litigation paralegal is to liase between the departments and thus must be engaged in constant communication with all stakeholders including the witnesses, the client as well as the officers in the court. The success of the litigation paralegal therefore depends on potentials for stellar communication in the process of the proceedings.

The litigation paralegal is also actively engaged in drafting of the necessary correspondences, briefs, motions, pleadings as well as other documents that are requisite in the preparation of the case. This is important tasks that will require exceptional writing skills among the litigation paralegals

Education Requirements

The litigation paralegal can have educational background of a variety of forms. Majority of the litigation paralegal get internship training as they proceed with their jobs. This gives them an important opportunity for accumulating enough experience as they perform their duties and ascend through the ladder to work in even bigger firms. The litigation paralegal can also go through a form education and certification so as to acquire the needed skills for their job. Other litigation paralegal acquire their certification through an adjunct to a degree that they pursue while others decide to pursue an associate degree in litigation paralegal.

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