Master of Laws

Several programs in the master’s degree are often considered as graduate degrees’ pioneer levels. On the other hand, in law, the Master of Laws is regarded as the second professional degree of law, the first being the Juris Doctor. For the full-time student, this level takes one year to complete, in which there is interest specialization for the students, for instance in areas such as taxation, technology law, environmental law, and human rights law. The curricula in LL.M programs vary since there are several various concentrations there-in. to illustrate, a student will acquire a superior comprehension of the tax laws in the United States if they pursue the tax laws LL.M program than the other who pursues, technology law, for instance.

This level is very important for international students who desire to familiarize themselves with the laws of America, for legal practice purposes. Yet still, American lawyers who would like to ready themselves for an S.J.D program or emphasize their studies on certain areas of law can also be allowed into the LL.M program.

The classes are largely influenced by the kind of LL.M program that the students select. The core units in any area of study have to be finished, after which the students are at liberty to select the elective classes that are of interest to them. Some of the LL.M courses may include bankruptcy, intellectual property law, local and state taxation, corporate tax problems and estate planning.

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