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Military Lawyer

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Military Attorney and Lawyers

In daily activities, the work of a military lawyer resembles that of a civilian lawyer. The main difference is the representation of clients under the jurisdiction of military law and courts. A military lawyer only works with people of the military and can represent them in criminal and civil cases.

In as much as each branch such as the air force, marines, army and navy have their own JAGs (judge advocate generals), a military lawyer can work in any of these branches. Personnel of the military in need of legal representation can contact any office of military legal assistance. A Jag practices in a military court such as in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, Military Court of Inquiry, military review, and court martial.

The process of education of a JAG is similar to that of a civilian lawyer. Military lawyers are required to have a comprehension of military law as well as general law. They can get into the military after completing JAG requirements or become JAGs after entering the military.

Educational Requirements

For one to practice as a military lawyer, they must finish a degree at undergraduate level, then apply for and pass the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) then complete the law school with a juris doctorate degree.

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