Sports and Entertainment Law

Sports law falls in to the categories of amateur along with professional sports. At the level of the amateur or the university, the lawyers addressing the issues of sports are responsible in compelling compliance among the athletes as well as their donors are with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules. They also collaborate with the colleges as well as the universities which are given the federal aid making them to be subject to the Title IX in 1972 Education Amendment that is responsible for forbidding discrimination based on gender in the programs that offer athletic services. On a professional level, the sports lawyers focuses on the contract as well as antitrust issues. They act as agents to the individual players or team owners. Entertainment law normally focuses on the legal issues that have implications on the television, films, life recordings, live performances, as well as any other aspects in entertainment field. Entertainment law also addresses employment law matters, for instance, a contracts entered between an actor and a studio, labor law matters of implication to trade unions along with intellectual property law also covering creative works protection like the new songs along with royalties’ collection. The attorneys serving tin entertainment field are mandated to offer their services clients with regard to contracts negotiation in record deals and appearance in movies. They can also guarantee access of appropriate royalties by songwriting client for a written songs or offer litigation services on issues that entail the entertainment industry such as the disputes that may arise concerning their ideas for movies or songs.

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