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The many requirements associated with writing a thesis, which are attributed to the intellectual level of the paper, makes it to be the most complicated form of academic paper that students are required to write. Thesis is used in the academic world as an essential tool for evaluation of the students’ potential as they fulfill the requirements of their academic programs. Thesis is therefore the conclusion of the entire academic work of the students that has been cultivated for many years. Thesis is written on specified topics that are identified as viable in the determination of the students’ career.

Thesis writing is a mandatory undertaking to the students as they complete their courses such as PhD, MBA and others of similar category. Students taking such programs cannot graduate before completing a thesis and good grades are only achievable if the student is creative in terms of ideas while writing the thesis. Student therefore tries as much as possible to identify the most relevant resources that will be used in their thesis so that they can satisfy the marker.

The source of the information that is used in writing thesis is the internet but students must be warned that, not all information obtainable from the internet is beneficial in thesis writing. It is therefore crucial for the writer to be prepared by having all critical information to be incorporated in the thesis before starting the long and tedious journey. A thesis is one type of an academic paper that exploits the experience as well as the skills of the writer so that quality is achieved. According to the findings of studies conducted in the past, majority of the students usually fail in the process of writing their thesis as a result of inability to access the relevant resources coupled with skill shortage in the course of development of writing activities.

Thesis starts by a short sentence that contributes to an appealing nature of the entire paper; this sentence is called a thesis statement. The creation of a thesis statement in the paper is attributed to several reasons. The statement is usually priceless and involves an exercise that generates important ideas as well as thoughts which are amalgamated together and then the entire paper is made to revolve around that particular statement. In addition, the thesis statement is responsible for simplification and organization of the arguments in the entire thesis. Preparation of a thesis paper entails arrangement of issues in chapters. The first chapter is the introduction which must captivate the attention of the reader. The introduction chapter is a crucial determinant of the quality of the entire paper. The paper is anticipated to elaborate the all-crucial details so that permanent impression of quality is created in the minds of the reader. Correction of errors attributed to poor grammar, spelling and any other types of errors must be made before the final paper reaches reader.

In writing a thesis, all steps are critical and needs great care because the marker is keen on any form of errors and a clean document is what the tutor want. Gaining the best advantage of compiling a good thesis requires that, the writer concentrates on key points. The content to be used must be free from flaws and must be presented based on the theoretical approach. Formulation of unique thesis is facilitated by careful editing and proofreading the paper after writing. Any errors in the paper that may have arisen in the process of writing are removed through this process. The rules that guide the writing of thesis differ according to individual institutions with every university having established their unique standards.

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